New Year’s Eve Eve

Hello! Coming to you this New Year’s Eve Eve all wrapped up snug with blanket, coffee, and of course the light of the Christmas, (uh, excuse me), winter tree showing off it’s beautiful lights just a few feet away from me. This is a great evening at home. I had a wonderful dinner with my hubby, made him no bake cookies at his request for his birthday tomorrow, and have recently retired to the porch. My happy place. A good place to reflect and to pray. To eat good meals with loved ones. To play games and laugh. To do art with Cedar. To be. I know many are looking forward to flipping that calendar page to 2021, leaving 2020 in a cloud of dust as we burn rubber to get out of this year. For me, one thing I think I will try to intentionally take with me out of this year into the next is to be more in the present, like this year has forced us to be. Amazing how sometimes the things that are truly the most important come straight into focus when the noise fades away. Family. Strength. Ingenuity. Resilience. Hope.

Dear friends, I sincerely pray for each and every one of you that whatever this year held for you, you will keep the good and release the bad. Redeem what we can and throw away the rest. Open up to the possibilities the Lord has for me and for you. 2021. Let’s make it a year of hope. ❤️

Until next time, your friend,


Published by simplytriedsimplytrue

We have been married for over 30 years and together, we have built a life we love, all wrapped up in the grace of God above. Faith and Family, and all that entails, are our life. Welcome!

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