An MRI and a Black Sheep Burger

March 9 found us heading out of town toward Springfield, in the newest adventure of my shoulder saga. Oh, that reminds me, I haven’t been here or updated you all as to that. For the last few months I have been plagued with issues in my right shoulder. I have had x-rays, doctor appointments, physical therapy 2-3 times a week, and a CT scan with contrast injected into my joint. I chickened out of doing an MRI back in December, hence the CT scan with injection. I was hopeful that would give the doctor a complete look into my shoulder. He said it was okay, but last week when I was there, though I have made strides in my physical therapy, he felt it was time to consider surgery since this has been going on for a while now. Being the person I am, I have read about and researched what this could mean, as well as what the recovery could be like. I am not in too big a hurry to sign up for that, nor could I get any peace about this in my spirit. I prayed on it and prayed on it and finally felt like, because I had let fear win and I didn’t do the MRI, there was not a complete picture of what is going on with my shoulder. So, I scheduled an open MRI, and off we went. We drove the hour to get there (no one here has an open MRI machine) and got checked in early. I experienced a bout of nervousness as I filled out paperwork and got ready to go back. They took me back and got me all ready to go. They asked me what sort of music I wanted to listen to and I chose old time classic country, which they already had playing when I got there. The machine looked a little daunting, but the tech, Tina, helped me to feel a lot better. I told her I was sorry for being so nervous and asking so many questions and for acting like such a chicken and she was very gracious and even went so far as to tell me I was a breath of fresh air compared to some they have seen come in. Bless you, Tina! I am hoping that was true! She gets me arranged on the table and my worst fear of the whole time happened when they were placing me in the machine. Once I was moved in to as far as I needed to go, I opened my eyes, though most everyone I know had told me to keep them closed, and was relieved to see several inches between my face and the top of the machine and I could move my eyes side to side and see out the machine and all around. I was able to relax and complete the exam, which was somewhere around 30 minutes or so. They got me out of the machine and I waited for a few minutes for the disk to take back to my doctors office, then we were on our way with the staff’s blessing to Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes.

I had been hearing about this place, so this was our pick to celebrate me completing the MRI. Springfield has three different locations, but we chose the Chesterfield location and we loved it. The location was great and easy to get to, the staff was wonderful, the environment was really cool, music was a terrific 80’s blend (original artists!), and the food was fantastic! The portions were huge so we took home leftovers. We had the American Beauty burger, which was their special that day, and it was served with their salt and pepa fries. Hubby wanted to try their onion rings, so we had those as well. We split their Elvis shake, which you can have either alcoholic or non-alcoholic – I will let you figure out which version we had after the stress of the MRI was lifted, lol!

Cannot recommend this place enough, if you’re ever in Springfield, MO, you simply must look them up!

Hubby ❤️

I don’t have my results back yet, but hey, at least I can say I did the MRI.

Until next time,


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