December 27

What a beautiful Sunday we have been given here is southwest Missouri to round out this year of our Lord 2020. We spent the morning at church where we are meeting in person, though masked up and socially distanced, so as to keep everyone as safe and healthy as can be. We sand beautiful Christmas hymns, which never get old no matter how many times I hear them in a season. They just get richer with meaning the closer we get to Christmas.

Y’all know I love our tree and nothing makes me happier right now than to be on our back porch enjoying the lights of our tree. No matter what goes on during a given day, I can come home, sit right here and look at our tree, and things are just set to right again. So, naturally I decided several weeks ago I didn’t want to take our tree down right after Christmas, but I didn’t want to leave it all decked out for Christmas either. I decided to welcome winter with a white and silver theme. After lunch today, I ran to Wal-Mart to check out what may be left of the Christmas Clearance and scored these glittery icy looking picks for 48 cents a piece!

I only got 7 of them because I have never used picks on our tree and I wasn’t sure how I would like them or how many I would need….. well….. I LOVE THEM! …. and I NEED MORE! So I plan to try to score some more tomorrow. I would love to have our tree have some many it lends to the idea of being outside in a newly fallen snow…. without me having to actually flock our tree myself, lol! Kudos to the many decorating videos I watched this season of different tree decorating ideas!

These pics are just the start of my winter tree, but I was having so much fun changing it out, I decided to share even though it’s not all done yet. It’s good to show the in between as well.

I feel like I would love to add some sheer white and silver ribbon loops as well…. and maybe more white lights. Let me know what you think?

If I would name my tree, I would call it peace. For that is what it evokes in me when I look at it.

How do you decorate your home for winter?

Until next time, Terri ❄️

And a Savior Comes

Yesterday was the fourth Sunday of Advent, church program day…….. and also the first time I have been to church in about 8 weeks. This year had just taken me to a place I was seriously over and I just needed a respite, for lack of a better word. Sounds crazy, right? a break from church? I mean, come on. I love church. I love the people at my church. I love being in worship and seeing my husband serve faithfully as part of the worship team. (Shout out to Rich, here, for not pushing me to go to go church, or making me feel bad for not going. For trusting the process I was going through.) I love not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together. Yet, after having Covid and being down for a couple weeks, I was tired. So tired. I made it to work each day and that seemed a victory, all on it’s own. While I did not attend traditional church services, that alone time became a special time for me, those Sunday mornings. I normally slept in, then I would get up, put on my comfy robe, and head to my back porch, to spend some quiet time with my Savior. Sometimes, I felt led to watch our service online, sometimes I felt led to a particular podcast, but I always ended in my bible reading. I felt very close to Him and it occurred to me that during the last several weeks, that was the quiet time I had energy for- I wasn’t up to doing my daily devotionals, or my reading. I couldn’t focus or concentrate on it. I realize now that was the water my weary soul needed. To allow Him time to tend to my withered spots, to bring them to a healthier place again. To a place when He whispered “Time to go back”, I accepted it like the sweet gift it was. Advent, a season of waiting and anticipation. A sense of hope. A sweet little baby born to give us all the hope we will ever need. I came across this quote by Ann Voskamp recently that says :

“Hope is a strategy. Hope is actually the only strategy you have to keep living. Hope is your strategy, your sanity, your vitality, and your reality.”

Ann just has a way of saying things that just strip it on down to where it needs to be. Right where you can get to the heart of things. I have included a picture or two of yesterday’s Christmas program. The program was different this year, and was held outside, where we drove up to watch it while staying in our cars, tuned into the fm radio station to hear it, and guess what? He met us right where we were.

Merry Christmas, all you sojourners.

Mt Moriah Nativity Performers 2020

December 9, 2020

Hello. It has been a while. 2020 kind of got the best of me a few months back and I haven’t been here in a while. We are nearing the calendar end of the year 2020, and while that signals an end traditionally, it feels as if many things from this year are going to try to leapfrog right on over into 2021. I, for one, am looking forward with anticipation of what the Lord will choose to do as we celebrate this blessed season of advent and welcome the New Year with hope. I have missed y’all. As my grandson, Cedar, says when leaving , “see you soon”. I am glad to be back.